Ven is an 18-year-old part-time waitress (day) and full-time hunter (night).

        ↳ She is played by Crystal Reed and is currently open.

 → B I O G R A P H Y

Ven was raised by her older sister, Violet (or Vi). Their parents were both killed in an accident completely unrelated to any sort of Miscreant invasion or attack.  The plant that they both worked in experienced an inexplicable explosion when Ven was eight and her sister, sixteen.  To this day, the circumstances are muddy at best.  It was hard getting everything together after the accident, but they managed to get by.  The two sisters loved and protected each other dearly, and Vi was apt at making sure that Ven had everything she needed to get by.  Once Ven hit eighteen, Vi made sure that everything was in order for her to hold a steady job before she became the personal assistant of one of the country’s top scientists.  Ven might have lied to her sister a little about the ‘job’ she took.  Though she was a waitress by day, by night, she was a hunter. Her ambitions were high as she wanted to start an all-female guild called the Valkyries dedicated to eradication of Miscreants, but her sister had no idea (and doesn’t, to this day).
 → P E R S O N A L I T Y

Though it was clear that this was a sweet and loving girl, she had a fire in her.  It existed when she took off her apron and suited up in her hunter’s garb.  She was a ferocious fighter, often fooling both humans and Miscreants alike with her capabilities.  Athletic and quick on her feet, she was a ball of pure energy and stealth.  She took her hunting seriously despite the fact that - according to other types - she was the lowest on the totem pole.  That didn’t mean anything to her.  If anything, it only spurred her on to work even harder.  Passionate and determined, she possessed the desire to start her own all-female guild one day.  She was going to prove everyone wrong about women in the hunting field.  As extroverted and loud-spoken as she was, she didn’t care about offending those whom doubted her.  Respect was earned, not blindly given, and she was a tough young woman with an even tougher exterior.  Hunting was her primary focus, followed by her part-time job at an old Italian restaurant.  The sky was the limit, and she intended to reach and surpass it.
 → S P E C I AL  S K I L L S

Above-average speed/stealth, adept at close-range fighting and bows-and-arrows.

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