Felix is a 21-year-old member of the Beast Guild.

        ↳ He is played by Steven R. McQueen and is currently open.

 → B I O G R A P H Y

For all intents and purposes, Felix’s life was normal - if not a little above average in comparison to others’.  His family was well off, had stable savings and a reliable food supply stock.  This was largely because of his father and mother’s longstanding association with the Beast Guild.  They took care of their own, and his family’s loyalty paid off.  Their history with the guild dated back to the start of the plague, and each of his bloodline joined or helped out in some way or another.  Felix joined at the usual age of sixteen and was a loyal member ever since. He was passionate about the family trade and proud of the selectivity of the group. Not just anyone could join, and that appealed to his ego. With all of his immediate family still in the group, it became something of a family affair. Instead of ‘game night,’ they went on hunts together. They worked well as a unit.
 → P E R S O N A L I T Y

Egotistical and vain, Felix was his own biggest fan.  He relished the attention he received because of his pedigree and his looks.  Never having any trouble wooing the opposite sex, he enjoyed having women wrapped around his finger.  He was never one to settle, of course.  To him, it was all about playing the game and coming out ahead.  That was what much of his life consisted of, actually.  Everything was a competition, and Felix was certainly a sore loser.  With his ego came an, at times, brutal attitude.  If he didn’t view someone as on or above his level, then he looked down his nose at them.  Moreover, his guild was held above all else.  Anyone outside of it was generally laughed at, given that he saw his group as the most superior.  Other guilds were jokes, and anyone who tried to best him was seen as a threat. Secretly, however, he housed a great, anxiety-provoking fear of Miscreants. A close call with one at age eighteen never left him, and he continued to struggle with what he hunted.
 → S P E C I AL  S K I L L S

Above-average physical strength, adept at throwing knives and using a crossbow.

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