Cadence is a 24-year-old medical student.

        ↳ She is played by Kat Graham and is currently open.

 → B I O G R A P H Y

Life was never easy for Cady. She had to work for everything she got, including three jobs at once to help support her family when she was a teen.  Her father served on the Queen’s Force and was killed when she was ten, leaving as the makeshift matriarch of her two younger brothers and one younger sister.  Though her mother was an established doctor, after the tragic death in combat of her husband, she found it difficult to shake her grief.  Her months-long hiatus never ended, leaving Cady in the difficult position of assuming the leadership role of her family.  She worked long and hard hours but managed to scrape by for her mother and siblings. Needless to say, she had to grow up rather quickly.  She eventually earned a full ride to Perpetua’s most established medical school, however, and with her two younger brothers - now eighteen and twenty - tending to their mother and sixteen-year-old sister, she can put all of her focus into becoming the best doctor she can be.
 → P E R S O N A L I T Y

It went without saying that Cady hated Miscreants.  They were the reason for her mother’s descent into a dark depression, and the reason for her father’s untimely death. She loathed them without fail, seeing no humanity in any of them unfailingly. It was unlikely that she would ever change her views.
In spite of her harsh fews of the plagued, however, one of her most obvious traits was her warmth. She exuded it, inspiring others around her to relax or remain calm.  She was cool under pressure and always handled stress well. Driven to a fault, Cady was a textbook workaholic. It wasn’t uncommon for her to push herself and her body into dangerous territories of exhaustion.  Always the last to eat or care for herself, she remained in a constant state of malnutrition for years.  Though she ate better at school, old habits died hard. Friendly yet guarded, she found it strangely difficult to sustain long-lasting relationships with those outside of her family.  Her biggest fear was loss, and so she thought it would be easier if she kept to herself.  Then, she would never have to worry about losing anyone else again - at least for a while. That didn’t mean she didn’t yearn for the companionship and that closeness; she did, and desperately so. She grappled with loneliness and depression, diving into her studies to futilely attempt to fill the void.
 → S P E C I AL  S K I L L S

Mixing chemicals, assembling small explosives.